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The following applies to facial treatments:

Proof of a negative corona test (not older than 24 hours):

- Testing at a test station: please bring negative written certificate with you or provide evidence

- Self-testing is possible on site (test station on my balcony, flat rate € 8)

For treatments where you can leave your mask on, NO corona test has to be presented! 


Monday May 10th - Saturday May 15th, 21st

Opened again for around 1 month: I'm so happy to be able to work again. I look forward to meeting you!


my name is Ehlin Borges. My company name Eilun Beauty was derived from my initials and from my Frisian first name and Frisian roots.

Eilun is Frisian and means island - Enjoy & relax in my little beauty island!

Please note that I can only perform facial treatments with evidence of a daily negative corona test! This must not be older than 24 hours a day. 

From now on, you can test yourself on site directly before the appointment. When booking, please let me know if you would like to take the self-test. Arrive for your appointment at least 20 minutes earlier. I've set up a small test station. During this period, wait until the result is displayed on my balcony with a view of Wyker city center. 

How did I get into cosmetics? 

As a teenager, I struggled with moderate acne, and genetically, I have very sensitive skin, neurodermatitis and many allergies. As a result, I dealt with ingredients and a wide variety of products very early on. Cosmetics have always been a companion of my life and are still my absolute passion today! Do you have allergies, intolerances or very sensitive skin?

You are welcome to send me your allergy pass and your current skin care products (with a picture of the ingredients, label on the back of the product) in advance. Due to my training in the medical field and the subsequent 2-year training as a state-certified beautician, it is no problem for me to read, interpret and explain the specified INCIs (ingredients). In addition, I have the option, for example: of combined allergens, to send your allergy pass to the laboratory of Dr. Forward Spiller and obtain a recommendation of the care products.

I have specialized in personal & individual facial treatments with the active ingredient cosmetics Dr. Spiller specializes. Of course, I will carry out a thorough skin analysis before your individual facial treatment. After that, I agree with my products perfectly onto your skin needs. 

Due to the increased hygiene requirements, I have an additional cost of 10 €. However, I will take over half for you to relieve you and as a thank you for your continued trust in me.